Blockchain in Banking Industry

Wednesday, 18 July 2018 by
Blockchain, one of the leading distributed and shared database used across the complete organization for performing the Banking Transactions in an easy manner. Blockchain is considered to be the enormous and large spreadsheets which in turn eliminates the Third Party Involvement in Banking Transactions available. Decentralization is one of the foremost benefit that can be
Deployment Options In general, there are two choices – CRM Online or CRM On-Premise. CRM Online is hosted in Microsoft’s cloud and is a completely turnkey solution. CRM On-Premise allows/requires you to deploy and setup the servers and applications yourself. There is a third option, Partner Hosted, which is essentially CRM On-Premise running on a
Activities in Microsoft Dynamics CRM are used to record a specific type of communication and  details of that communication. Activities are the actions users do in CRM, often tracking the interaction between users and customers. CRM has lots of different activities PhoneCall Task Letter Email Appointment Fax Custom Activities Using activities helps you and your
Create a Dockerfile and add the following “FROM jboss/jbpm-workbench:latest” save the file and create a build “docker build -t <Image-Name> Ref :- Execute following docker run -it -u root image-name /bin/bash create the and file in ../stanadalone/configuration to the custom-image that is created Copy and from the jbpm-installer to confiugration

Why Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

Monday, 22 May 2017 by
Customer relationship management (CRM) systems provides easy information tracking and sharing to ensure that each interaction with a customer is meaningful, productive, and pleasant. Why do companies choose Microsoft Dynamics CRM  (MSD CRM) for their business out of multiple CRM’s ? Microsoft Dynamics CRM is unique in the CRM marketplace and is leading the way

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