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AngularJS Framework Benefits: Boon for Web App Developers

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What is AngularJS Framework?

“Angular JavaScript is a Dynamic structural framework, having HTML template language. It is an open source MVC javaScript framework. The extended HTML syntax in AngularJS framework is to make the web applications more efficiently expressive and live. AngularJS framework development is making it prompt to get response on communicating with server to get data for interacting with web­page. Dependency injection avoids the over­burdened coding tasks and the data binding integrates the view and model to make auto­updates.“

Features of AngularJS framework Fostering the Advantages of AngularJS.

  1. Data binding / MVVM PatternModel­view­view­model is the robust architecture to design the web application. Data binding pass on the changes of MVVM pattern across UI and auto update the Model and view. The data models in angular are POJO, so, it doesn’t need Wrappers, Getters, Setters or Class- declaration. AngularJS framework make it automatically updated. AngularJS development framework allows you to express your data, from the easiest form to the most complex one, through custom types. The two­way auto­updating has trimmed a lot of coding and saved much time of the developers.
  2. Dependency InjectionDependency injections can be used while defining the components like services and controllers. These components are defined by an Injectable factory method or constructor method. This can be injected with either services or value components as dependencies. The construction function for controllers can also be provided with special dependencies. While allowing the “run” and “configure” block for a module, these dependency injections are very well propitious, as these block accept the specific functions only.
  3. Declarative User InterfaceHTML is a template language of AngularJS framework which makes the user interface very explicative and less perplexing. HTML is comparatively more resilient language to prevent the breaks. This declarative user interface approach cut the frills of web application development as it just requires you to define the purpose and AngularJS itself manages dependencies accordingly.
  4. Test Driven DevelopmentTest driven development is a manifested method to improve voice the quality and sustainability of code. AngularJS is the most suitable JavaScript of testing single page applications as its automatic testing is supportive throughout the very first square to the end of the road of the entire web application development process. So, it saves the time of writing tests separately. Also, no additional frameworks or plugins are required for this enterprise level testing.
  5. Open Source MVC frameworkMVC components have to be splited to implement MVC. In absence of AngularJS framework, the developer had to do a lot of coding work to Interconnect. But AngularJS MVC framework has taken up the responsibility on its own.
  6. HTML extensionsThe html extensions make the AngularJS more interactive and intuitive. The AngularJS is featured with the custom directives that allow HTML extension with new tags and attributes. These custom directives for HTML extension are test friendly, manageable and reusable for dynamic projects.

The AngularJS is the proven open source JavaScript Framework for the web application developers of this new techno­ age. Google’s AngularJS framework curtailed down a lot of coding work by data binding, dependency injection, HTML extension and ground up testing etc. This not just reclined the developers of cutting edge but also creating the bedrock for the forthcoming generation of web applications.

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