Apache Hive Training Course

The training is designed keeping in mind budding professionals who are looking for Apache Hive Training Course


  • Help professionals in managing and manipulating complex data in real time using the SQL languages
  • Helpful in easy development of data warehouse systems build on top of Query Big data
  • Offer help for Tackling Challenging capabilities of RDBMS and NoSQL systems

Advantages of Apache Hive Training Course

  • Easy implementation of data warehouse system using Hive
  • Learn data Analysis with Hive
  • Data growth challenges capabilities of deployed RDBMS or NoSQL systems
  • Open-source platform for latest developments with Data hive management

Who Should Attend Apache Hive Training?

The course is designed keeping in mind developers and IT professionals looking for sound knowledge of Apache Hive Training

Why Attune Training?

  • We Offer you with best practices for training as to create a robust and scalable solution
  • We have also designed warehouse system that will help in building on top of query big data
  • We offer great environment for challenging capabilities of deployed RDBMS or NoSQL systems
Course content: 
  • Day 1
    • Introduction to Hive
    • Data Types
    • Getting Started with Hive
    • Data Definition, Data Manipulation, Queries, Views, Indexes- Hive QL
    • Development with Hive
    • Schema Design
  • Day 2