Cloud hub


Duration: 2 Days

Course fee:$299.00 (₹19086.67)

This two days training is designed for database administrators, developers, system architect and IT professionals. This training will provides knowledge to setup, configure, manage and administor your database. This training also cover high availablity, clustering, backup and recovery of database. At the end of training you will be able to fine tune your database by following best practices.


Product Description

Cloud-Hub is the iPaaS to aid Integration of applications, devices and data with more security, agility and available in real-time.


Cloudhub is service platform(PaaS) component of Anypoint. It provides fully managed cloud platform for integration. It is built on top of the mule. Using Cloudhub user can organize servers into group that run an application


  • Provide secure and higly available cloud platform for integration
  • No hardware maintain and software updates
  • It provide scalable architecure through we can publish REST APIs or web services
  • Easily integrate with SaaS, cloud, and social media platform

Additional Information

Day 1

1. Introduction to cloudhub

2. Cloudhub console

3. Application Properties and Environment variables

4. Sandbox migration

Day 2

1. Platform Architecture

2. Managing Workers

3. Setting up Anypoint Enterprise Security

4. CloudHub Application Data

5. Accessing the Object Store


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