DevOps Training

Duration: 3 Days

Course fee:$449.00 (₹30506.18)

This training is specifically designed to help DevOps Architect,Automation Engineer,Software Tester, Security Engineer,Integration Specialist,Release Manager etc.

Product Description

This training is specifically designed to help DevOps Architect,Automation Engineer,Software Tester, Security Engineer,Integration Specialist,Release Manager etc.
It is going to make you master of Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment with Tools.It is focused on automation with the help of tools like GIT, Jenkins, Puppet, Chef , Docker, Ansible, SaltStack and Nagios.


  • Understand all required Concepts and necessities of DevOps
  • Learn Configuration deployment and packaging, continuous integration using GIT
  • Follow with Performance and set-up basic Security for Infrastructure


  • Study Installation and Configuration of Common Server like Apache, and Nginx
  • Study DevOps Tools Like Jenkins, Puppet, Chef, Ansible, SaltStack, Nagios and GIT
  • Understand the need for and concepts of Monitoring and Logging.

Additional Information

Start with DevOps and its Necessities

1. Introduction to DevOps

2. DevOps Roles,Transition and Necessities

3. Identifying cultural impediments and overcoming it,

4. Building Accountability and Trust,

5. Understanding the Infrastructure layouts and its Challenges, Scalability,Availability

Study Common Infrastructure Servers

1. DNS Server at Internet Scale

2. DNS Installation and Configuration

3. DNS Tuning and Geolocation

4. Understand and configure Web Servers like Apache, Ngnix and their differences

5. Study Load Balancing through HA Proxy

6. Setup NFS for storage presentation

Automated Installations and Deployments

1. Installation of Linux Servers using PXE boot or kick start method

2. Yum repository setup and Automatic system updates.

3. Configuration of SVN and GIT.

Study Performance tuning aspects and basic Security for Infrastructure

1. Study Operating System tuning concepts

2. Types of Disk Schedulers

3. Learn about Performance and Use Cases with Network tuning Parameters and their Influence

4. Understand the Security at the OS and Network level

5. Configure Linux Firewall and other security aspects for a secured environment

Installation & Configuration of Jenkins and Puppet

1. Introduction and Installation of Jenkins

2. Authentication with LDAP, UNIX etc…

3. Integration with SVN

4. Study Remote command execution

5. Puppet Installation and Configuration

6. Puppet manifests and examples

7. Puppet with SVN

Introduction of Automation with Ansible and SaltStack

1. Discussion about Infrastructure as Code

2. Ansible Installation

3. Ansible Communication framework

4. Ansible Playbooks

5. Ansible Inventory/Dynamic Inventory

6. Ansible Patterns

7. Sample Scripts

8. SALTStack States

9. SLS and Top files

10. Namespaces

11. Renderers

12. Templating Modules

13. Orchestration

How to do Automation with Chef

1. Chef Recipes

2. Chef Cookbooks

3. Chef Architecture

4. Tools – Knife & Scripting

5. Chef Development Kit (ChefDK)

Study Monitoring, Logging, Tomcat and System Tools

1. Introduction to various logging tools

2. System auditing

3. Install and Configure Nagios Monitoring for the Infrastructure

4. Installation of Tomcat Server and example

5. Openssl and Openssh details

6. rsync for backups

7. Study Commands like:
    – sof, netstat, Understand Virtual Memory, Free, top, vmstat, iostat, uptime, find, screen, strace,
    – Disk commands like – df, du, mkfs, tune2fs, fdisk, dd, Understand /etc/fstab, Mount commands.


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