Liferay System Administration Training


Duration: 2 Days

Course fee:$399.00 (₹25964.93)

The training is useful for system Administrators looking for installation of the Tomcat bundle for the enterprises.


Product Description

The training is useful for system Administrators looking for installation of the Tomcat bundle for the enterprises.


  • Offer easily learning for extensive topics like performance tuning, load balancing along with clustering and more.
  • Provides outstanding Liferay System Administration by assisting the IT engineers
  • Helps you by learning ways for installation of Liferay along with configuration of LDAP as to create your own user accounts synchronization techniques
  • Offers learning experience as how to hook into the enterprise database along with installation and management of Plug-ins

Advantages of the Liferay System Administrator Training

  • You can always avail brief knowledge of the load balancing along with clustering of the Tomcat server
  • The training is solely designed keeping in mind the small and large restraint of the portal system setup. You will also obtain knowledge of the SSO LDAP integration.
  • You will learn more about the plug-ins managements along with enhanced features of monitoring portal settings
  • You can also help in installation of Tomcat bundle by learning how to set the password policy for users along with checking the authentication issues

Additional Information

Day 1

1. Prologue to Liferay Plugins Development

2. Preface to Liferay

3. Tomcat Bundle Installation

4. MySQL Database Integration

5. Cluster Architecture

6. Multicasting

7. Recommendation

8. EHCache settings & Configuration

9. Hibernate Configuration

10. Installation of Plugins SDK & Eclipse IDE

11. Liferay Clustering

12. Jackrabbit Configuration

13. Apache HTTP Server Load Balancing

14. Lucene Configuration

Day 2

1. LDAP Integration – Apache DS+ Liferay

2. Liferay + OpenSSO- Single-Sign On (SSO) Integration

3. SOLR Integration

4. Server Administration and Settings

5. Performance setting

6. Liferay+Alfresco+LDAP+SSO Integration

7. Setting Log Level

8. Liferay Upgrade and Back up

9. Liferay Deployment

10. Portal Monitoring

11. SOA configuration & Remote service access

12. WSRP &

13. Web Services


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