Reinforcement Learning is one of the most popular and interesting fields of Machine Learning. In Reinforcement Learning, a software agent makes observations and takes actions in any situation and in return it receives rewards.The objective of the agent is to learn to act in such a way that its rewards are maximized. There are two
This question has  bothered many people new to oracle.There is several product in oracle  which letter is “ SQL”.and these three product SQL,SQL *PLUS and PL/SQL  are used together. It is  easy become confused for which product is doing work and where the work is being that’s why in this part to describe these

Ant vs Maven vs Gradle

Thursday, 20 September 2018 by
In the beginning there was,‘Make’ as the only build automation tool that automatically builds executable programs and libraries from source code by reading files called Makefiles which specify how to derive the target program.Later on it was improved with GNU Make. However, since then our needs increased and, as a result, build tools evolved. JVM
Portlets Overview Basically, Portlets are pluggable UI programming segments that are overseen and shown in a web portal. Portlets deliver pieces of markup code that are amassed into a portal. On the off chance that you have just worked with Servlets, at that point you ought to know that there are numerous similitudes among them
Google after Android and Chrome OS now came up  with the mysterious “Google Fuchsia”. We heard about Fuchsia few years a ago when internal sources at Google mentioned it as replacement for Android.Well a new report from Bloomberg says Fuchsia OS is alive and well  and being developed as a single unifying operating system to

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