Google after Android and Chrome OS now came up  with the mysterious “Google Fuchsia”. We heard about Fuchsia few years a ago when internal sources at Google mentioned it as replacement for Android.Well a new report from Bloomberg says Fuchsia OS is alive and well  and being developed as a single unifying operating system to

Conceptual Captions

Wednesday, 19 September 2018 by
Earlier Image captions are normally added by website authors (using Alt-text HTML).It is one way to make this content more accessible, so that a natural-language description for images that can be presented using text-to-speech systems.Existing human-curated Alt-text HTML fields are added for only a very small numbers of web images. And while automatic image captioning

How YOLO works?

Tuesday, 18 September 2018 by
Generally updated in the area of Object detection, you might be knowing about YOLO (You Only Look Once). YOLO is a neural network for real-time Object Detection. It is a system built on deep learning. YOLO model processes images in real-time at 45 frames per second. You can take any classifier and make it as an
In this era of Cryptocurrency ,we are  very eager to know about different blockchain platforms.The most higher level blockchain technologies are Ethereum and Hyperledger and we will get through them. So let’s take an overview of  both the platforms and get into its differences. Many questions may arise like which one is better Hyperledger or
Many users is migrate from activiti to camunda and  they will still work on it they have not looked back  and many users have still working on activiti. Their is some reason to migrate  activti to camunda , so I like to explain 5 reason to consider migrate. Easy to switch In spite of the

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