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7 Big Reasons of Trending in Hadoop

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Hadoop is a lightweight open source platform to store, process and manage the extremely gigantic size of data clusters. The Parallel Processing ability of Hadoop, accelerate the data analysis, provide real-time results and have the high level of fault tolerance. This is the excellent platform to suit the Big Data Processing requirements of diversified organisation. If Hadoop is synchronized with Cloud, the Hadoop support will become of dramatic usefulness. Along with Hadoop cloud clusters, the future technologies like IoT, lightweight OLTP, and Blob stores with Hbase, etc. are making it a significant Big Data Platform to be opted by Developers, Big Data analysts, and Technology professionals.

  1. ScalabilityHadoop Consulting services provides scalability for adding nodes conveniently. It doesnot demand any specific changes for implementation and seamlessly get integrated with the existing ones. This open source platform adopts the industry-class hardware.
  2. FlexibilityHadoop Solutions plays an important role in managing the structured and unstructured data. It is quite flexible to work upon multiple programming languages, variety of process and multiple operating systems as well. It’s simple to use and relevant to diversified purposes.
  3. Cost AcquisitionBeing an open source, elimination of hardware and with the commodity servers the Hadoop platform becomes of real cost effectivity for Big data analysis. Hadoop architecture is well-designed to process the walloping data with agility.
  4. Resilient to failureThe best part is that Hadoop is excellent at fault tolerance. It keeps the system working even on the failure of nodes without halting the ongoing process. The data is replicated to other nodes in clusters, along with the destination nodes. So, whenever the destination node meets failure it shifts to work with the another node instantly even without being noticeable in quality delivery.
  5. Rich EcosystemHadoop’s powerful ecosystem is among the top choices of developers and a large array of enterprises. Hadoop is competent to a broad range of service delivery, by consisting of some relevant projects like MapReduce, Hive, Zookeeper and Apache Pig and many more.
  6. Cloud-HadoopThe synchronization of Hadoop with cloud, been the miraculous for the companies involved in managing Big Data. Hadoop applications with cloud computing are much popular among the organizations of various industries for big data management and analysis.
  7. Real TimeHadoop is compliant to streamline the information in real time with processing and analyzing the massive big data clusters. Hadoop clusters are loaded with the idea to provide a large set of APIs to process big data analytics.

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