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Amazon S3 example

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This blog is useful for the beginners of AWS Development.In this blog it is shown that How to create Amazon S3 bucket programmatically using JAVA.

This program will automatically execute following things.

  • Create Bucket
  • List Bucket
  • Upload an Object
  • Download an Object
  • List Object
  • Delete Object
  • Delete Bucket


  • Eclipse with AWS plug-in and configured Access Key Id and Secret Access Key Id
  • Now open Eclipse and Create AWS Project named S3Bucket then go to→ src →create packagecom.attune → then create Java Class
  • In this example we will create one bucket named “attunedemo”.
  • After setting credentials we will create one bucket but for that we need to specify region for that bucket
  • So we will get region from Region and set it to AmazonS3
  • Now from createBucket method we will create bucket named attunedemo
  • To run this program right click → Run As → Java Application
  • Then open Console

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