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AWS and its Advantages

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Choosing the right public cloud provider has become an important task now a days for many people. There are mainly 3 public cloud platform areas -Amazon Web Services , Microsoft’s Azure and Google Cloud Platform.There are many points that can be taken into consideration Which clearly proves that AWS  has many advantages as compared to other cloud providers.Some of the main advantages of AWS are:

The available services:

      The quality and quantity of services provided by AWS are extremely broad and wide as compared to Google cloud platform.AWS  provides benefits to their users by providing services at the low cost, which do not have any other additional cost. Amazon Web Service is easy to use and the user should not worry about the servers, security, and databases.

Easy to use:    

      Aws platform is easy to use even a new user which has no idea how to use services can also easily start learning it . There will not be any problem for a new user as well as for an existing user.This is possible due to AWS Management Console.

NO capacity limits:

    Organisation requires different amount of space for different types of project based on their requirements and they need a guess work for the amount of space required for the given project.AWS helps them by providing this capacity at a minimum cost.Through this their workload is decreased and they can focus on their task .The customers predict the capacity and they pay higher prices than that but AWS provide them capacity at low-cost. The moment you feel like you should increase your capacity you can do it freely. Moreover, if you realize that you are not in need of so much storage you can get back to the previous storage and all you have to pay for what you use.

Security and Reliability:
AWS provides you a secure environment for your infrastructure and all you have to pay only   for the services you use. AWS provide you with the security you need at a lower cost than in an on-premises environment. AWS data centers  provides privacy as well as security also.

Amazon Web Service infrastructure is designed to keep your data safe no matter what size of your data is.It just scales with your AWS cloud usage. AWS manages the highest standard of security and this is the reason users trust on AWS.

Fast speed with easy understanding:

Previously for an Enterprise or a company  to hire a server,it would require minimum a week.  But AWS provides us within minutes. All you have to do is select your requirement and you can proceed without talking to anyone as it is easy and flexible. With this, you can quickly deploy your application. AWS provides us with tools which helps us to reduce the time we spend on a task such as Auto scaling. These applications can be accessed any time you need them.

These are the advantages of cloud computing  which helps us to understand Amazon Web Services . Due to these advantages Amazon web Services are the most preferable among  cloud Hosting platform.

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