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Developer to A Better Developer

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A developer, the name makes a big sense in the technical way. Most of the general or nontechnical person will find the word “developer” as “Some Unique Identity”. So, the developers are also the same person but they are having some technical knowledge in some technical aspects that they know. The main goal for these developers will be to enhance the skills that they are having in order to grasps the power of the technology that they are working.

As all the developers, might be having the awareness that day-by-day, new tools and the technologies are increasing, so it becomes the challenging task for them to analyse and learn the concepts that are built into that particular technology. All developers are always stucked into the codes and designing stuffs. The reason behind this situation is that they are using this codes for manipulating the tasks and performing the functionalities of the project that they are working on.

The code that the developers are writing should be such that they can clearly identify the mistakes that they are having in their project. With the help of the code, the developers can easily manage their project as it removes the vulnerabilities of the developers and of course the project.

Regarding the above aspects, there are some constraints which will help the developers to be a better in their project in the terms of the Names, Comments and the core functions.

Guidance Regarding Names

Names, as all the developers might be aware that, all the functionalities are being handled mostly by the names. All the text, images, videos, scripting and so on are usually handled by the names. So, the names become the major constraint for making a developer to be better.

The developers are using the name for the intention of the code. For increasing the readability, Understandability and maintainability, the developers should give the names to the project such that the above features will have a great reflexibility in their project.

Consider the case where the developers are in confusion, as the same name are being used at the different aspects or locations. So, these distinctions can be easily cleared if the developer is writing the similar objects in the similar scopes. This means that the developers should be totally aware about the situation about the names where it was being used and for what purpose.

Apart from it, the names should be pronounced in such a way that if the developer is stucked or confused in the large codes, then he can easily identify the case where he wants to work further.

Guidance Regarding comments

Comments are the concepts in any of the programming language or the frameworks the developers are working on. Comments are usually used by the developers for making some separate instructions for them which does not have any relation with the project. Comments are totally neglected during the coding concepts.

Consider the case where we are importing some most important code and we are going to use them for the multiple times in our project, then it becomes necessary for the developers to include the comments into their coding line. The coding can be small or even large, for the condition like small coding, the information for that particular code is very large, then the developers can also use large comments in multiple lines.

The developers usually write the comments with the intense that they can used for the particular intention or the objective for the particular task. The main reason for this is that the readers or the developers will find the task on which they are working on.

Guidance Regarding Functions

Functions, or in simple words, we can say is that it is the half project that the developer is creating. Without the function, not a single project can be done. So, for any project to be successful, the functions need to be there. There are some constraints in regards to the developer to become better developer.

Functions should always be the small and to the point. If the developer is creating some task and if he is aware about the concept that he can use in some short way as the working will be the same in all the case.

So we can say that the code should be having proper names, the comments should be given with more information and the functions should be clear in order to make a better developer

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