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Easy Steps to Make A Default Language In Drupal

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Easy Steps to Make A Default Language In Drupal
Sometimes we need to integrate other language than English and we have to make it as a default language. We can achieve this by using GTranslate Module in Drupal.
In this Blog, there is a step by step guideline to achieve this feature.
Step 1:
Gtranslate module allows you to translate our page in different languages supported by Google translate.
Install GTranslate Module same as any other module in Drupal.
Step 2:
Now, you can see a new menu “GTranslate” in the  admin menu. Open that menu to configure Gtranslate module.
This page contains configuration in blocks.
First one is General Configuration.
Select “On Fly” from this. “On Fly” does not redirect you to another page. “On Fly” translates the content in same page without redirecting.
Second one is for Appearance
In “Look” dropdown, there are three options. Both, Flag and Dropdown List. Select which type you want.
And select flag size if you have selected Flag from first dropdown.
Third and Last one is Language Configuration.
Select your default language as “Main Language”.
And Click on “Yes”, “No” or “As a flag” for all languages you want to translate your content.
Step 3:
Now, open all your content pages and put translated content instead of English. For Example, if you want French as default language then, put French content in all content pages.
Do the same for menus, blocks and all other content.
Step 4:
Open Blocks page from Structure  Blocks menu.
There is a “Gtranslate” Block. Move it to appropriate region.
Now, you can see home page with French language and Gtranslate allows user to translate in another languages including English.

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