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Full Stack developers: All-rounders that companies need

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Technology industry reports suggest that there was a phenomenal 206% increase in the demand for full-stack developers from 2015 to 2018-19 in view of the market’s shift in preference from specialist developers to multi-skilled professionals.

Job role

A full stack developer is one who works with both the front and back ends of a website or application i.e. build user-facing websites, maintain servers, systems engineering, databases, and even work with clients during the planning stage of projects. These professionals are required to design applications, do client-side coding, server-side scripting, and build and manage databases. Full stack development entails projects that would normally require both a front end developer and back end developer but are instead done by just one person who does the job of both.

How it helps companies

Full-stack developers, usually with many years of experience, have knowledge for all layers of an application, are knowledgeable about the programs across the whole stack and can trouble-shoot anywhere when needed. Among the contributions they make are:

They bring with them enormous benefits for organizations with their ability to write code for entire websites, including both the front and back ends. In most cases, however, they are required to contribute in either the front or back end code of a site.

→Companies look for full-stack developers who can create apps from scratch and participate throughout the development journey of an application. This, because hiring many individual developers for all the different specialisations would involve a lot of investment.

→Tech companies are moving to smaller teams to save cost and time, which is why there is high demand for full stack developers in product-based companies since the last few years. This is particularly so in technology startups — where funds have to be used economically and costs have to be kept low — which require a small team of developers who can work on a wide variety of projects.

Technical skills needed

Many developers are picking up additional skills via online training and becoming “full stack” developers due to the fact that the line between front end v/s back end development is increasingly getting blurred. A typical full stack developer would have knowledge of the following:

→ HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (front end)

→ Programming languages Java, PHP, Python (back end)


→Version control

→Deployment and hosting

→ Third-party APIs/services

A developer’s industry experience and measurable performance, besides technical knowledge, sets him/her apart from peers. Skills that are are highly valued are JavaScript, CouchDB, HTML5, JQuery, MySQL, Node.js, MongoDB and such other suites and libraries.

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