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Get trained on brand new open source Activiti BPM

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Make business process more efficient with Attune Infocom – Activiti training

Activiti is a brand new Open Source BPM Platform added in Attune Infocom expertise list as one of the offering in BPM solution. Comparing other Open Source Workflow Engines Activiti targets not only the technical execution of processes, but the Business-IT-Alignment as well. Activiti builds on top of the global Standard BPMN 2.0, while staying developer friendly. We are one of the pioneer offering Activiti BPM training in global market.

Attune Infocom 3 days training plan carry you along with practical examples how Activiti works and how it can be used successfully. Our approach to training is to get equal weightage on theory as well practice using Activiti with a lot of practical exercises throughout the training. A participant will benefit from our profound experience with BPM and Process Engines. After the training we enabled candidate to asses the potentials and boundaries of Activiti, including the brand new BPMN 2.0. After the training, one can be ready to start working with Activiti. Our training methodology will help to gain an understanding of how business IT alignment works with Activiti.

In our three-day training we offer in depth knowledge on open source BPM Platform Activiti and enable organizations to successfully implement projects. Activiti can be used as a lightweight workflow engine, as BPM Suite or as the core of company wide SOA.

 Attune Infocom other service offerings using Avtiviti BPM

Beside our Activiti training offerings we can help organizations to avail expert consulting and development support on BPM project using BPMN and Activiti:

– Workshop and Coaching
– Project Support
– Enabling and Support

 Objective for Activiti BPM Training

This three days training is useful to Technical Architect, Senior Developer, Project Manager and System Integrator. This training is focusing on Open source ActivitiBPM, BPMN 2.0 standards and Activit integration with Mule ESB and jBoss Drool. This course covers details on how to install, configure, create and deploy BPMN 2.0 Business processes using Activiti. After this training you will be familiar with BMPM 2.0 business processes, services orchestration, process deployment, execution, testing and monitoring using Activiti.

Day 1: BPMN 2.0 & Activiti
Day 2: Activiti Process Engine
Day 3: Advanced BPMN 2.0 and Extensions

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