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Magento Configuration On Server and Deployment On New Domain

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Here we will understand how to do Magento installation of on server. Also, Magento deployment on new domain.

For understanding system requirements refer:

1. Server Configuration

Before Stating Magneto Installation on Production server please insure that Your server meets the requirements for Magento

  • PHP 5.2.0 (or greater)
  • Safe Mode is off
  • MySQL 4.1.20 (or greater)
  • curl extension
  • dom extension
  • gd extension
  • hash extension
  • iconv extension
  • mcrypt extension
  • pcre extension
  • pdo extension
  • pdo_mysql extension
  • simplexml extension

You can verify All server confirmation using following Script


extension_check(array( ‘curl’, ‘dom’, ‘gd’, ‘hash’, ‘iconv’, ‘mcrypt’, ‘pcre’, ‘pdo’, ‘pdo_mysql’, ‘simplexml’));

function extension_check($extensions) { $fail = ”;

$pass = ”;

if(version_compare(phpversion(), ‘5.2.0’, ‘<‘)) {

$fail .= ‘<li>You need<strong> PHP 5.2.0</strong> (or greater)</li>’;


else {

$pass .='<li>You have<strong> PHP 5.2.0</strong> (or greater)</li>’;


if(!ini_get(‘safe_mode’)) {

$pass .='<li>Safe Mode is <strong>off</strong></li>’;

preg_match(‘/[0-9]\.[0-9]+\.[0-9]+/’, shell_exec(‘mysql -V’), $version);

if(version_compare($version[0], ‘4.1.20’, ‘<‘)) {

$fail .= ‘<li>You need<strong> MySQL 4.1.20</strong> (or greater)</li>’;


else {

$pass .='<li>You have<strong> MySQL 4.1.20</strong> (or greater)</li>’;



else { $fail .= ‘<li>Safe Mode is <strong>on</strong></li>’; }

foreach($extensions as $extension) {

if(!extension_loaded($extension)) {

$fail .= ‘<li> You are missing the <strong>’.$extension.'</strong> extension</li>’;


else{ $pass .= ‘<li>You have the <strong>’.$extension.'</strong> extension</li>’;



if($fail) {

echo ‘<p><strong>Your server does not meet the following requirements in order to install Magento.</strong>’;

echo ‘<br>The following requirements failed, please contact your hosting provider in order to receive assistance with meeting the system requirements for Magento:’;

echo ‘<ul>’.$fail.'</ul></p>’;

echo ‘The following requirements were successfully met:’;

echo ‘<ul>’.$pass.'</ul>’;

} else {

echo ‘<p><strong>Congratulations!</strong> Your server meets the requirements for Magento.</p>’;

echo ‘<ul>’.$pass.'</ul>’;




2. Deployment on New Domain

Let’s assume that your Magento is configured with and you want to change the domain to

First, go to MySQL Manager (for many, it is PHPMyAdmin). Select your Database and find the table called core_config_data and click on it.

In core_config_data table, you can see web/unsecure/base_url and web/secure/base_url entries.


Change your old domain name with your new domain and click the Go button to save the changes.

The last step is to clear the Magento cache. You can do this either via the Magento admin panel > System > Cache management or by deleting the contents of the var/cache and var/session folders inside your Magento installation directory.

That is all. Your Magento should now be properly functioning at the new location.

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