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Micro Services vs SOA

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Microservices and SOA, are the recent tech-buzz for the companies. The architecture, the functional details, the utilities and differences of these two are of the most happening things in tech world.

Understanding SOA

SOA is a loosely-coupled, software designing architectural pattern, the application components provide mutual services by communicating using communication protocol over a network. The communication in was the most critical data processing as well as The simplest one.

SOA  plays both the rolls effectively, as of a service consumer as well as service provider. Enterprise service bus (ESB) create the integration service between the consumer and provider.

Microservices Architecture

Lightweight, contemporary approach of SOA, using language-agnostic APIs. for designing architecture for software development. Enhanced cohesion and minimal coupling simplified changing and editing the functions or features to the system.

As probability remains of getting the errorsome software system designing or the services to deploy or shut down independently. With micro-services, changes can be made independently without impacting the other services of the architecture.

Practical example of architecture implementation

E-Bay is one of the very practical example of microservices architecture. Every application in the application tier is developed individually and independently implement the logics for the specific functionality. Every application use different splits or their combinations over the database & pursue the scalability.

Microservices V/S SOA

Both the  architectures have their own speciality, differences and certain responsibilities.

SOA Based development services are the state of diversified Technologies. Therefore every team member has to be well aware of Common communication  system  in SOA. Unlike SOA,  microservices based service architecture is developed  and deployed independently Make it a lot more feasible and scalable.

In  SOA, Enterprise service bus is there single point connecting everything.  therefore when the  communication failure occurs,  it affect the whole system. Whereas,  micro services are highly fault-tolerant. So, if there is one server failures,  the services of communication can be continued over others,  without affecting the performance.

The common factors involved the Architectural complexity & the distribution system mechanism. Also, The inter service communication  system is implemented in both the architectures.

The need of mocking the communication Mechanism in test, do intricate the Unit testing involving  a variety of Service types.

Microservice architecture latch on to  separate Data storage. While for SOA, single or central data storage has been shared, therefore,  everything can be found at one place, updation and reusing  facility.  But, Data stored by microservices  are considered to be more flexible, aimed and secure.

Talking about the scope and size of both the architecture, SOA is Gargantuan while microservices are bitsy. A vast number of micro services put together, creates an SOA. SOA have a variety of Implementation styles & ESB  which supports incredible integrations.

The scalability,  modularity, Swift access and adaptability of cloud based applications  make micro services to be the favourite architecture of software development. This ultimately provides more dynamics and consistent user experience to end user.

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