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Native Vs. Hybrid App

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Mobile Application, one of the leading trend all across the globe. Many of the users are doing their day to day activities with the help of mobiles. All the websites are nowadays included in Mobility section. With the help of the Mobile Applications, the users can easily access the web pages in their mobiles. So, we can say that Mobility has taken a good takeover to the new technology.

For creating the Mobile Applications, the development part of the application includes the two basic methods: Native Method and Hybrid Method. There are many of the differences for creating the mobile application with the help of these two methods. For understanding the difference between Native and Hybrid, we need to see the basic meaning of these two methods. Native Applications are the applications which are particularly developed for the Mobile Operating Systems like C, Java, Swift and so on. Hybrid Applications are the applications with which web applications built using HTML5 or Javascripts.

There are many core differences between the Native and Hybrid Applications which includes:

Speed: Speed is important factor in recognizing the Mobile Applications. In Native Apps, the development speed is very much low as compared to Hybrid Apps. Whereas in the case of the Hybrid Apps, the development speed is Fast as compared to Native Apps. So we can say that Speed is best option in the case of Native Applications.

Cost: Many of the users and the developers are keeping the mind the cost effective application while creating the Mobile Applications. Many of the users who are interested to download the application or use the applications are reduced while considering the impact of the cost of the Applications. In Native Applications, the Development and the Maintenance Cost are very high as compared to Hybrid Apps. While creating Hybrid Apps, the users and developers are having very moderate cost as compared to Native Apps.

Performance: For the perspective of the performance, Hybrid Apps are very moderate as compared to the Native Apps. All the users are showing their keen interest in the concept of the performance. From the downloading aspect to the using of the Applications, the users are getting the better performance as compared to Native Applications.

So, we have seen the three main important aspects for Native and Hybrid Application. We can conclude from the above information that, for developing any Mobile Application, we need to prefer mostly Hybrid Apps. The reason behind it is that the user’s flexibility is very much occupied by using the Mobile Application.

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