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Reasons for Migration from Activiti to Camunda

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Many users is migrate from activiti to camunda and  they will still work on it they have not looked back  and many users have still working on activiti. Their is some reason to migrate  activti to camunda , so I like to explain 5 reason to consider migrate.

Easy to switch

In spite of the fact  that we have drastically enhanced technology since we forked activiti.The core concepts will be same and migration path  for camunda will be very straight forward.It is basically matter of minute.

Camunda is similar but better than activiti

There is logical proof that the Camunda BPMN engine  performs better.camunda supports CMMN(case management) and DMN(decision automation),in both edition enterprise and community whereas in BPMN there is not support CMMN and DMN.Camunda comes with engine ,as well as with very powerful tools for modeling task management, operations monitoring and user management and every one of them is open source.

Camunda is a vital Open Source Project

During the last 3.5 years more than 20 Camunda core developers as well as many external contributors have worked together on the open source codebase of Camunda. When you contrast Camunda with Activiti on OpenHub, this becomes very obvious, for instance when comparing the lines of code of the projects.

Many associations worldwide are using camunda BPMN community addition.and they are doing amazing things with it.

we still do not have the permission to officially say what they are using Camunda for, yet  I dare say that the entire Camunda team is VERY excited about it.

Camunda basically focused on BPM(Business Process Management)

Among ECM and BPM , there is little amount of overlap.but not more.Some of our customers use workflow automation for routing documents,but most of do not  use.Also, the real challenges in BPM technology are not about “low-code” which is a misunderstanding of those software vendors that are driven by IT research firm opinions and short-term shareholder expectations but rather, a profound understanding of user requirements. Unfortunately, you will not come to that degree of understanding, if you’re not sufficiently focused on BPM.

Camunda BPM gives exclusive tools for non-developers so that they can also use it

Using ISO-standard BPMN 2.0 camunda  defines workflow for providing a common language for technical and non-technical users.  Camunda Modeler makes it feasible for business analysts to define workflows visually and to team up  with developers all the way to the actual deployment. Camunda Optimize gives live monitoring and reports for business stakeholders so that no question about a process is left unanswered.

So , all of the above reason should be migrate from  activiti to camunda.

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