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Top reasons to walk towards “Open Sourcing” your business

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Top reasons to adopt the “Open Source Movement” for your business
A decade ago, when open source was evolving and started gaining popularity at a steady pace, many questioned that whether “it would be beneficial to give away the benefits that proprietary software offer and join the open source movement”?Those who joined that movement are the ones who are reaping the maximum business benefits today, while the ones who did not are slowly and gradually becoming the part of the open source community today.
Technology is a business niche where change is inevitable as the technology experts keep on discovering newer and better ways of doing things and innovation is an integral part of the technology industry. With so many powerful technologies around, the “Open Source” has become, in several cases, the best platform to leverage technological frameworks.
What is Open Source?
Open Source has become the buzz word today and every IT decision maker in almost every organization is recommending its adoption for one or the other reason.
Open Source is a term which is used for those software or technology frameworks whose underlying source code is open and available for enhancement and modification. Source code is what the programmers write and the way they instruct the computer by interacting in its language for performing tasks as per their goals and requirements.
As one can see and edit the source code, the software can be easily modified to suit one’s technology requisites easily.
Top 10 reasons to adopt Open Source Software for your business
1. Development
Developing and innovating with open source software is not a complicated process. With languages like Rails, PHP and Perl, one can get access to as many tools as required, right from IDEs to bug tracking, for development. The biggest difference between the proprietary software and the open source software is the access to the source code that you get. The availability of the source code and the huge community support is an outstanding benefit and is among the top reasons that businesses are switching to the open source software.
2. Security
Many believe that since Open Source is open, it might compromise with security, however, when it is about security, all that can be said is that the route to security is certainly a challenging one, but there are several paths which can lead you to success. For instance, you can opt for solutions like “Security in a box” and can choose to go with the likes of Cisco or you can choose to craft your own customized security policies that ideally fit your needs. Though, to ensure perfect security for your business applications and processes takes some time and effort with open source, but open source does not compromise with the security.
3. Community Collaboration
Open Source world is comprised by a community of developers and technology experts, who are always there to provide collaborative support to the other open source users. Open Source’s community collaboration gives your business an opportunity to work together with the technology experts from across the globe. Furthermore, there are a plenty of collaboration tools available within the open source world. Kolab, Zimbra Open Source Edition and Community Edition are among the brilliant collaboration tools which you can use.
4. Control and Flexibility
As you can use the source code of the software and make changes to it as per your requirements, Source Code lets you have full control over your business. Unlike the commercial proprietary software, you get complete control of the software tools which you have been using.
At the same time, you also get unmatched flexibility with the open source. The Open Source Software are licensed in a way that you can either easily modify it yourself or hire a third party to perform the required modifications to ensure that it suits the specific requisites of your business.
5. Longevity
Longevity is another imperative reason to go “Open Source” for your business. When you are using commercial software and the company offering it goes out of business, you lose all the security patches, bug fixes, support and the possibility of the future upgraded versions of the software. However, if you are using the open source and the piece of the software which you are using is critical for your business, you can simply take the charge of any new additions to the software or take help from third party programmers, developers, consulting firms and more
6. Big Data
Every business is moved by the Big Data revolution today, and no commercial software can match open source when it comes to big data. All thanks to the likes of “SUSE” open source and big data go hand in hand now. The innovations like live kernel patching and in-memory data make open source the perfect solutionfor big data. Open source can be ideally tuned to match the colossal demands placed by big datawith ease and flexibility.
7. E-Commerce
Today, a large percentage of the businesses are indulged in the E-Commerce drive and open source offers significant advantages to such businesses. If you want to or you have been selling products online, you cannot afford to give the open source shopping cart development tools like Prestashop and others a miss. There are wide arrays of most powerful E-Commerce solutions you will find in Open Source that you won’t even think about using commercial software.
8. Cloud
If your business has anything to do with online platforms, cloud is something that is inevitable and the best part is that the major cloud players across the world hail from open source community. Rackspace, Amazon, Redhat are among the top names associated with cloud deployments and are open source. However, if you own a small business and do not want to go with the larger companies, you can always find the apt open source counterparts like “ownCloud”. You can either take benefit from the ownCloud’s hosted solutions or can build your own.
9. Server Software
Today, the best server software available for the businesses is the ones that are open source. For instance, if you are still battling with web server software like IIS offered by Microsoft, choose Apache and get rid of all the problems. Similarly, if you require SMB sharing, nothing can be better than Samba. Samba 4 even provides Active Directory integration.
10. Cost
The last but not the least is the cost. With open source, the most underlying benefit that you get is the cost savings.
These were some of the cardinal benefits which your business can leverage by going “Open Source”. So, it’s the right time to switch to Open Source, if you have still not done it.

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