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Trends in Enterprise Mobility

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The whole world is experiencing the mushrooming of mobile devices uses for corporate  purposes. Employees are greatly inclined to shift from the desktop PCs to the mobile devices. It enables them to  stay connected to the work and the workplace, even if they are not available there physically.  No doubt, it does boost up their productivity and convenience to work with more advanced featured technology than ever before. Moreover, cloud service features has performed really great role into encouraging the enterprise mobility.

For those who are looking forward to enterprise mobility to subsume into their enterprises or just the beginner must know what are the trending gears into the enterprise mobility.

Augmented use of mobile devices

The year 2015 surmised the acceptance of enterprise  mobile applications  by more than 35% of large Enterprises for their internal uses purpose. Some enterprise mobility effect calculators  reported that 24 hours or 6 weeks per employee per year can be gained by implying the enterprise mobility. Predictions for 2015 for enterprise mobility explicits that More than 1.3 million people will use mobile devices for professional uses.

Increasing  use of  enterprise mobile application

Mobile uses and Enterprises increasing day by day,  the importance of enterprise application has also been popularized. Research report from October 2015 Envisaged  that in next 2 years 40% of Companies  are going to give privilege to general business application over the field & sales applications. The Global increasing trend of enterprise mobility is boosting the Cross platform application  development,  third party integration, Multiple operating system compatibility, etc. In 2014, the custom enterprise mobile application development was increased by 731%. It clearly shows the gaining momentum in uses of mobile applications in business world.

Proliferating investments Into enterprise mobility

More than 70% it professional  except that enterprise mobility is to highly effect the businesses. Some predictions says that by 2018 the enterprise investment, in enterprise mobility applications will be reaching to 61$ billion by 2018. One supportive prediction is that by 2017, 3$ billion mobile devices are expected to be sold and more than 70% of Tablet shipment  is going to increase  worldwide.

Mobile device management and security systems

With the proliferating uses of mobile devices  for work or enterprise mobility, The management and security of the mobile devices has become the precondition of enterprise mobility. With the freedom and comfort giving approach of BYOD ( bring your own device), though, productivity has been increased But simultaneously  the  extreme need of device management and security concerns has arisen. Enterprise mobility the employees are free to access the workplace data & network system. There’s for mobile device management system and device security is required to set  so that it does not harm the data, system and business functionalities.

Threat management

The Technologies always comes along with the pros and cons of it. The subsequent vulnerabilities and threats of malfunctions, viruses etc.There are enough industry solutions available  to save the enterprise mobile environment against threats. It is a must do when adopting the enterprise mobility.

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