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What is Wing (Project under GOOGLE)?

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“Transforming the way goods are transported”

This is a desire project of alphabets(which is under google x).This is a delivery drones which replace the mailmans for delivering or transforming goods and things.Project Wing is an self-governing delivery drone service thinking to increase access to goods, reduce traffic congestion in cities, and help moderate the CO2 emissions attributable to the transportation of goods and things. Wing is also developing an unmanned traffic management system that will allow unmanned aircraft to navigate around other drones, manned aircraft, and other obstacles like trees, buildings and power lines. Wing is developing a new style or theory of transporting goods that’s faster, cheaper, and more environmentally friendly than what’s possible today on the ground.

Wing has oversee tens of thousands of trial flights both in the United States and in Australia over the past 6 of years.Team at first. Set out to explore how self-flying vehicles could safely and quickly deliver everything from medicine to food in around 2012. They planned a system that could bring electronic-device to people who having a heart attack with the hope that lives could be saved if the devices arrived faster in the air with medicine. The team soon learned that integration into emergency medical services was it own huge task developing safe and reliable drone technology was a challenge unto itself. So, they honed their focus on reconstruction of design the system to transport small packages, across many everyday situations, where the speed of delivery was a significant factor.Light energy-efficient design gives drones to fly up to 120 km/h, driven entirely by an all-electric power system with zero carbon emissions.Machine learning algorithms help the drone find a safe and convenient location for delivery amongst obstacles like trees, buildings, and power lines.

In 2014,The team completed their first real-world deliveries in rural Queensland, Australia where they successfully transported a first-aid kit, candy bars, dog treats, and water to farmers. Then in 2016 team delivered burritos to students at Virginia Tech in what was, at the time, the largest and longest drone delivery test on U.S. Food has good test ,in case of drone -delivery technology because it’s fragile and temperature sensitive and therefore needs to be delivered faster and with care.

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