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What should you know about Activiti BPM ?

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Activiti is an open source lightweight workflow and BPM (Business Process Management) Platform targeted at system administrators, business personnel and developers. Apart from efficiently managing business processes, it provides a highly extendible and scalable java based Workflow. The core of Activiti BPM is composed by robust and very fast BPMN 2 process engine for Java. Activiti can run in any sort of Java application, on a cluster, in the cloud or on a server. It can perfectly integrate with Spring.

Components op Activiti

Activiti is comprised by different components which are segregated under three major categories including Runtime, Modeling and Management. Different components of Activiti include:

Activiti Engine

It is a Java process engine which is actually the heart or core of Activiti. It natively runs on BPMN 2 processes and possesses the following properties:

  • Extremely fast working and robustness

  • Can be easily get up and made running with the setup utility

  • Allows the user updates to be easily combined with process updates through a single transaction

  • It facilitates asynchronous continuations and transactional timers

  • It is built to support the cloud scalability

Activiti Explorer

It is a web application which provides an access to the core component Activiti Engine runtime for all the users on the system. It includes tasks like process instance inspection, task management and management features along with capability to view reports on the basis of statistical history data.

Activiti Modeler

It is KIS BPM process solution’s open source version which can be used for authoring BPMN 2.0 compliant processes through graphical interfaces. The server stores the process files in a database model repository.

KIS BPM provides an effective solution for the management of your Activiti projects in an online, web-only environment. It can also help you in the management of your different Activiti deployments and servers. Additionally, you can use the palette editor for completely customizing the web modeler palatte. A web form editor is also included in the KIS BPM solution. With the right Activiti training .one can easily learn the usage of KIS BPM and become efficient at management of various aspects of Activiti.

Activiti Designer

It is fundamentally an eclipse plugin which helps you in modeling of BPMN 2.0 processes from inside your IDE environment. It also possesses an inbuilt Activiti support for the specific extensions of Activiti in order to enable you to use the optimum potential of both the engine and the processes.

There are several plug-ability points to allow the addition of the supplementary building blocks to the process over the regular BPMN 2.0, customized for your business domain and specific use cases.

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