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Microservices is the type of service oriented architectural style.which is one of the most important skills for java developers.Applications are built collections of various type of smaller services rather than one whole have several independent application which is run on their own and created with various programing language.Large and complicated applications can be build up of simpler & independent programs that can run by themselves.

Microservices are used in the development world as developers work to more complex applications that are better developed,create larger, and managed as a combination of smaller services that work cohesively together for larger, application-wide functionality.

Microservices are popular that behind several reason for why this is that reasons are given below.

Reasons for microservices are popular

Increased resilience:

In microservices, entire application is decentralized.It also decoupled into services that act as separate entities.Unlike monolithic architecture wherein a failure code is effect more than one service,there is a minimal to effect failure in microservices.your user notice it, when several system are brought down for maintenance.

Improved scalability:

Scalability is key  part of microservices.because each and every service is a separate component,so you can scale up in a single service or function without having to scale entire application.Business-critical services can be deployed on multiple servers for  performance and increased availability without impacting the performance of other services.

Faster time to market:

Microservices worked with loosely coupled services so you don’t need to rewrite your entire codebase to modify or add a can make change on a specific service.By developing application in smaller increments so which is independently testable and deployable.You can get your application and services to market quicker.

Mainstream adoption of DevOps:

DevOps is a MUST for successful realization of the microservices.There are plethora of tools and technologies available to the enterprises today for creating their continuous integration/testing/delivery pipelines.DevOps is contributing to the higher levels of confidence of IT teams in their capabilities to manage and build microservices based applications.

Improved ROI with reduced TCO:

Microservices is allow you  to optimize resources.with microservices,enabling you to deploy more quickly ,multiple teams work on independent services and pivote more easily when you need to.your team’s code is more usable and development time is reduce.By decoupling services, you won’t have to operate on expensive machines.The increased efficiency of microservices not only reduces infrastructure costs, it also minimizes downtime.

Continuous delivery:

Unlike monolithic applications, in which dedicated teams work on discrete functions such as UI,, server-side logic, database and technological layers, microservices uses cross-functional teams to handle the entire life cycle of an application using a continuous delivery model.when operations,developers and testing teams works simultaneously  on a single testing and debugging become easy and instant.With this approach of incremental development, code is continuously developed, deployed and tested and you can use code from existing libraries instead of reinventing the wheel.

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