Digital Armour

  • Client NameDigital Armour
  • TechnologiesLiferay 6.1, Mule ESB, Activiti, MySQL
  • ProblemPreviously there was no such system to manage the data on a single place. All the systems were manual and there was the separate application.
  • SolutionImplemented, the entire portal in Liferay and integrated the third party application's, Connectwise service using Mule ESB. Further, added Resource Booking and Purchase Order Work-flows. Four workflows created named: Sales , Purchase , Account , Leave management with the help of Activity BPM.
  • Project OutcomeIt is an internal portal to integrated various services into a single system. This portal is used for maintaining the Project Management Information, User Information, Designing Storyboard, Managing third party content from Connectwise, Managing work flow for Resource Booking, Purchase order, etc.

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