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Zee TV

Internal News Publishing Portal, Content management & Integration

  • Client Name : Zee Digital Convergence Limited
  • Technologies : Liferay 6.2 GA-4, Alfresco, Drupal, Wordpress, MySql
  • Problems : They were having two separate sites in Drupal and Wordpress for managing the content, and copy-paste the content from one site to another, was a long process job as to be done manually on multiple sites.
  • Solutions : The solution for such issues is to have an ECM (Alfresco) for storing the content which can be accessed by Drupal & Wordpress sites . Liferay will be as the front-end interface to copy the content or post on one site from the another one or from the social media such as Twitter, RSS, Instagram,Slack.
  • Project Outcome : It is an Internal News Publishing portal built for the Zee organization people only. It is built on Liferay and Alfresco and integrated with Drupal and Wordpress sites, moreover, integrated with social networking sites such as Twitter, Instagram, Slack and RSS feed. This portal was built to create & publish the news with text or images either originally or could be directly taken from Twitter, Instagram, Slack & RSS facilitating the automated functions like plagiarism and spell-check. In Alfresco any external content can be directly stored or the new content can be created as the backend-content. That content will be displayed over the wordpress or Drupal site, whichever was selected at the time of content creation. The content can be published or saved as draft based on the role assigned to the user.
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