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Architecting the IT for the cloud integration platforms

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It’s the time when enterprise architects must take charge of the cloud integration platforms for facilitating a smoother transition. This feature overlooks various enterprises which have used a variety of tools for achieving integration.

It is imperative for the enterprise architects to drive the various cloud integration choices forward or the threat/risk problems caused by disparate lines of business in order to take the lead instead.

Tools like Informatica Cloud and Dell Boomi are extensive cloud integration platforms and tend to deliver ease of use, high productivity as compared to the more conventional and traditional approaches to the integrations. A middleware practice and application infrastructure expert at Gartner, Benoit J. Lheureux cautioned that you may end up with a situation where you may possess different lines of business and different application groups with central IT adopting tools from different providers. Thus, you create a disparate integration problem.

Rethinking the business for cloud

An organization which facilitates electronic documents and contracts, DocuSign, decided to shift a large part of its IT infrastructure to the cloud in order to take the benefit from a more nimble architecture for hastily adapting to the business requisites.

The top level decision makers of the organization took the starter pack of Dell Boomi’s iPaaS (Integration Platform As A Service) in amalgamation with the transition of the company from an on-premises Microsoft’s CRM product to NetSuite.

After using the Dell Boomi’s iPaas offering, DocuSign realized that it is saving considerable amount of time with the Dell Boomi’s service. One of the senior Manager’s at the company said that we soon realized that the underlying technology made good sense for consolidating the complete set of our organization’s integrations onto one single platform. We have always looked for a single place where we can deploy, test and maintain all of our integrations.

He found that Dell Boomi gave them the pre-configured integrations for a large number of theirintegration requisites, so almost 75% of their work was already done by their iPaaS provider.

Thus, it makes sense to adopt the iPaaS offerings by the companies like Dell Boomi, SnapLogic etc.

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