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Cloud APIs and Cloud Application development Scenario in 2015

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Cloud APIs are completely transforming the way the cloud application development is being done, and thus, several developers are considering Cloud APIs as an integral part of cloud computing.

Cloud APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) have increasingly become the default way communication between various applications in the cloud.  APIs in the recent months have led to a serious explosion in the cloud application development and thus, are being seen as a way of creating interoperability between all the clouds. Technologies like SOAP and REST along with the access right tools like OAuth represent huge advances in the cloud application development. Several experts believe that this trend with deepen further in 2015.

Cloud APIs 

Cloud API is the technology which allows the way of communication between the infrastructures or applications within the cloud. The Cloud APIs expose those parts of an application from where the services or data can be transmitted. One of the most common types includes SOAP and REST.

Cloud APIs even connect the public and private clouds easily. There are both, vendor-specific and open source APIs which allow the users to move data between the private and public clouds. The infrastructure APIs can easily control how the workloads are being handled across the clouds and how the VMs (Virtual Machines) are provisioned. With the help of access rights management and other tools, it becomes important to maintain the security in the API as the data is safely transferred between the private and the public clouds.

Cloud APIs facilitate data movement between the clouds

Cloud APIs are considered as the logical extension of the SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) movement. The main idea behind the APIs is to hide the multifaceted and complex computation behind a simple interface. The increasing amount of effort for standardizing the APIs is helping in creating the simpler and easier movement between the clouds.

The cardinal aim of Cloud APIs is to create interoperability between the clouds while helping the to and fro movement of the data from clouds. They also help in preventing the cloud service providers from locking their users into their respective platforms.

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