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“The Bonus Week of Discount” By Attune World Wide

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Attune World Wide has announced a Bonus Week of flat 33% discount in addition to the already running “April Fool’s Day Offer”, providing an attractive opportunity for training aspirants before their price increment plans get implemented.

Attune World Wide is increasing the prices on all its training programs in May. Therefore, to provide the aspirants with additional benefits before the price-rise, Attune World Wide has offered one more week of flat 33% off discount on all its trainings as the Bonus Week Discount offer with “April Fool’s Day Offer”.

The great “April Fool’s Day Offer” got the wonderful response and added a big amount of value towards deploying expertise and truly justified its tag-line “Creating Geniuses, Instead of Making Fools”. This Bonus week discount is also applicable on all the open source technology training courses, such as Liferay, Alfresco, Activiti BPM, MuleSoft, JBPM, AWS, Hadoop, PHP etc… on all program. The last date to offer is 13th May 2016.

Attune World Wide is one of the well-established IT Infrastructure and Training services providing companies. It holds a significant space in providing open source Training. The “April Fool’s Day” discount offer was a great initiate to benefit a huge number of technology expertise aspirants and this bonus week of discount will be proven an extended opportunity of great contribution in their work and career.

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