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The use of analytics becomes contentious in sports media

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Analytics is gaining an increasingly high profile and great significance, but some commentators and fans say the stats are just not what they are exactly looking for.

Following the recent Super Bowl, the commentators all across the country and the online fans were sure that the head coach of the Seattle Seahawks Pete Carroll made an enteirely wrong call while he decided to call a pass play rather than a run play in the final seconds of the game. The pass got intercepted and resulted in the loss for his team.

ESPN’s director of production analytics, Ben Alamar, said that while reviewing the historical data, the probability related to throwing an interception from that particular position on the field was about 0%. For him, this information and knowledge completely changes the narrative from being about a poor play call by Carroll, to Malcom Butler’s great play over the field, the New England Patriots player by whom the interception was made.

All this indicates to something new in the sports media and it is the fact that numbers are now everywhere, and the increasing indulgence of analytics in the sports.

The media companies which have moved for making statistical analyses a larger part of their offerings have waded in the unpredictably contentious waters.

As per an expert of Advanced Football Statistics, putting a number on the performance of an athlete or a game play can give it context. In the event of the sports broadcasts, doing this can help the fans understand how important a game is or inform the debates pertaining to the relative value of the specific players.

On the contrary, quantification of everything can kill the suspense related to a sports game situation, which is one of the cardinal attractions of a game or sports event. Ultimately, simply giving the sports fans the access to analytics data and let them use it the way they want is what will work best in this situation, and it won’t spoil the fun of the game. This is how analytics can be used in sports.

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