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Top Use Cases of iBPM in 2017

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The key idea of iBPM lies at the interaction of the conventional Business Process Management and the confluence of different technological trends shaking the current IT world. This post shares a deep insight about the tiop uses cases of iBPM in 2017.

The iBPM (Intelligent Business Process Management) is a relatively new term which derives significant idea from traditional BPM along with the top IT trends of today including the cloud, big data and the Internet of Things.  In essence, the business process management is evolving from its traditional planning oriented model to a more dynamic practice across different business domains.

Here are some top use cases of iBPM which we will witness in 2017

Unite the people across the globe with content collaboration tools

The conventional content collaboration tools develop the business processes for the shared contexts and tasks while the dynamic counterparts of these tools make it easier to bring the people at an apt time for reducing the cognitive overload. Some experts say that organisations are using iBPM for identifying the best ways for coordinating with various regulators, customers and workers indulged in a process for harmonizing communications across such channels.

Design custom case management strategies

The conventional case management strategies that are operated on the basis that processing of the cases is possible leveraging a common set of tools. However, the subtle differences between the customers and other processes can derail this approach. But using cloud services with big data, agents and analytics can help in steering the processes towards resolution with much lesser need for the manual intervention.

BPM technology in pharmaceutical industry

Typically, the pharmaceutical industry is not a very big adopter of the BPM technology, but now it has started moving towards iBPM technology for better sensing the changes in the patient outcomes and any side effects occurring during the clinical trials. Moreover, this technology can be used after the release of any new drugs by analysing and collecting data from various sources. It will even help in reducing the costs pertaining to complying with FDA reporting mandates, and also in reducing the high costs of litigation due to adverse reactions that may necessitate changes in reporting and packaging.

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