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Flat 33% Training Discount Extended by Attune World Wide

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The global IT Infrastructure Services and Training Provider, Attune World Wide, has extended its Flat 33% Discount Offer on all the Training Programs Registration for one more week.

Attune World Wide had started flat 33% discount on all the Training Programs as “April Fool’s Day Offer”. But, considering the response of offer, Attune World Wide has extended the offer period for one more week. The Offer will last till 22nd April, 2016.

Attune World Wide introduced this offer with the concept of “Creating Geniuses, Instead of Making Fools” from 1st April, 2016. But considering the massive Training Registration Applications, it has extended the offer period till 22nd April, 2016.

Attune World Wide’s Technical Training Programs includes the latest technologies like Cloud Computing platforms, Liferay, Alfresco, Activiti-BPM (Enterprise and Community), Jboss(JBPM), MuleSoft and PHP framework. To get the discount one can opt any of the training programs such as Corporate Training, Online Training, Self-Paced Training, and the One Month Training Program.

Attune World Wide, with its proficient and experienced professional’s team, is well equipped with the latest technology expertise and modern training tools. Attune World Wide is an active training provider in the industry and empowered the Enterprises and Resources for better technology management and implementation or adoption.

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