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Users can now build an integration process using cloud integration platforms

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This post helps you determine how running a cloud integration platform can help you add value to your integration process.

As organizations are moving beyond their SaaS (Software As A Service) deployments, they are increasingly recognizing the requisite for integrating the processes and data between their on-premises databases & applications and the public cloud.

As per a recent survey conveyed by an organization based in New York City, the process of migration and integration together form the second largest cloud computing issue, after the security concerns that IT decision makers cited. Not so surprisingly, several vendors have moved in for addressing the challenge pertaining to cloud integration process.

As per one of the cloud experts, for a large number of organizations, as soon as they begin subscribing or purchasing their SaaS solutions, they will either be forced immediately to consider and think about their integration requisites or they should begin right away as inevitably they will add something to it.

One of the research managers at the firm that conducted the survey said that, the entire purpose of the hybrid cloud is to be able to effectively manage the integration as the organizational data transcends different execution venues.

Second wave of cloud integration

Compared to the connectors which the organizations develop for enabling the integrations, the cloud integration platforms are more customizable, programmable for handling not only a broader assortment of some off the shelf apps, but also a colossal assortment of the custom applications which were developed in the organizations.

One of the experts stated that, as a result, you deploy a platform which can be applied for meeting those unique requisites across a variety of application sets.

The cloud integration platforms become specifically significant as the enterprises start experiencing, which as per a cloud expert is the second wave of the cloud integration. He said that, this occurs when the SaaS deployments of the enterprise accelerate and when the cross functional processes require exchanging data among different distinct SaaS and on-premises offerings. Also, when the other apps are offloaded to IaaS (Infrastructure As A Service) or PaaS (Platform As A Service) clouds.

Here the organizations need to address the challenges pertaining to “any point to any point” enterprise control and orchestration.

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