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Want optimum benefits of the cloud: Plan for it in 2015

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Today, everyone deploying the cloud computing and cloud solutions want to reap all the benefits that cloud has to offer, but for it, thorough planning and sound reasoning are required.

Cloud offers several benefits, but before making the move to the cloud, it is important to take the careful consideration about which IT functions ideally suit the public cloud and what the ROI would be.

Certain data types and certain applications are more suitable for the public cloud environment. Data which needs medium to high levels of security and privacy is often not suitable to be moved to the public cloud. Similarly, if you are planning to deploy private cloud services, it’s important to understand where it suits ideally and where it does not suits at all. This is why, in order to real optimum benefits from cloud, thorough planning and sound reasoning are required.

Making decisions on the basis of sound reasoning and planning

One of the major mistakes that many companies make while moving to cloud is that they do not develop logical and strong reasons for their move. Migration to cloud must be done in order to increase agility and flexibility, if it supports and improves business and aids the faster development of the better products in the organization.

Also, lowering down the costs is another vital reason for moving to the cloud, however sometimes an increase in costs seems acceptable if moving to the cloud helps the business and IT grow in the organization.

The significance of planning after the decision of moving to the cloud has been made is something what most of the companies underestimate. One of the integral parts of panning must subsume listing of the processes that are currently being used in the organization’s on-premises data centre. The plan to move to the cloud must address the issues like staffing changes which will occur as a result of moving to cloud, satisfying the compliance requisites when some data is in the cloud and choosing the right cloud services provider. Only after considering all these issues, you must make your move to the cloud.

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