This ebook gives the knowledge of ActiveMq using Anypoint studio. In this ebook there are step by step explanation of whole process in practical way. Prerequisites Queues Example Topics Example

Content Management in Alfresco

Wednesday, 21 November 2018 by
This EBook helps the aspirants or the developers to work with the Database Operations created by MongoDB using NodeJS framework. In addition to it, Ebook provides list of operation in NodeJs with MongoDb 1. Creating a Database 2. Creating a Collection 3. Insert Into Collection 4. Find Records 5. Sortings 6. Delete Documents 7. Update

DMN and Business Rule Task

Thursday, 04 October 2018 by
This ebook briefs you about DMN and various types of Hit policy.In addition it will guide you how to use DMN with business rule task with the help of example. This ebook covers following topics 1 Introduction to DMN 2 Types of Hit policy 3 DMN & Business rule task

API versus Web Services

Monday, 01 October 2018 by
Majority of the IT interns are confused between the two words: API and Web Services. This Ebook gives a clear vision about API and Web services,pros and cons of both and what’s the difference between them. This Ebook covers up below points: 1. Introduction to web service and API 2. Why is a web API
This Ebook gives information how to get in touch with AWS Lambda and to set Python on online server also to maintain all functions of Python on Rollbar. 1. AWS Environment Specially Lambda. 2. Setup Python on online AWS Server. 3. Maintaining all the Python Functions on Rollbar(AWS Provider Tool).

Service Task in Camunda

Wednesday, 26 September 2018 by
This eBook gives you brief knowledge about Camunda .It also explains about Service Task which will guide you with the help of Service Task Examples in Camunda. With the help of this book you will have basic understanding and get an idea about Service task. It covers following topics 1. What is Camunda? 2. What
This Ebook gives information about how Machine Learning is integrated with music recognition and how google is focusing on increasing the music recognition quality. 1. Google’s new Update of NOW PLAYING and SOUND SEARCH. 2. How Google recognizes any Music. 3. What efforts Google is doing to increase the Music Recognition Quality.
This Ebook  provides basic understanding of Kendo UI, how to use kendo UI , what does kendo UI provides & their features and how kendo UI used in angular with basic example.So you can get basic understanding about kendo UI. What is Kendo UI? What does Kendo UI provides Features of Kendo UI Kendo UI
This EBook Provides Complete steps to transform one type of Object or Data (File) into other type of Object or Data (File) using transformer in Anypoint studio. 1) Database setup using example 2) Transform  Database object (input) to CSV File(output) steps 3) Instruction for other types of transformer

Getting Started With Angular Testing

Friday, 21 September 2018 by
 Ebooks provides the understanding of how Automated Testing is performed for angular and different types of the Automated Testing Like Unit Testing,Integration Testing , End to End Testing and what are the primary differences,advantages and Disadvantages between them. You can also get the idea about the real word scenario of Angular Testing. 1) What is
Ebook provides understanding about what is apache load balancer and complete steps to configure load balancing in your Ubuntu System. 1)  Need of Load Balancing 2) Goals to be achieved using load balancing 3) Short description Apache Load Balancer 4) Setup the load balancing on your local system 5) Concept of using JK Status manager

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