Ebook provides the complete understanding about the Firebase Dynamic Links,how it is different from the short link and it’s advanced functionality with complete understanding about the internal working of the Firebase Dynamic Link 1. Understanding on Google using Shortener URL Service 2. Basic Introduction to Firebase Dynamic Link (FDL) 3. Working of FDL 4. Importance

Getting Started with Solidity

Friday, 14 September 2018 by
Ebook helps the developers to work with the core concepts of Solidity programming language generally helping to understand Smart Contracts in Blockchain Applications. 1. Gain expertise in understanding Solidity Programming Language 2. Understanding practical scenarios with Solidity programming language 3. Developing Smart Contracts using Solidity Language 4. Solidity is must for Blockchain Application Development in

Ethereum and Blockchain

Friday, 14 September 2018 by
Ebook provides aspirants grasping understanding on Ethereum framework used collaboratively with Solidity programming language 1. Most effective and flexible Blockchain Framework 2. Better understanding on Solidity Programming Language 3. Smart Contracts development using Solidity 4. Blockchain Application using Ethereum Framework

Ethereum Quick Start Guide

Tuesday, 08 May 2018 by
Ethereum Quick Start Guide covers all the basic information about the Blockchain Ethereum covering all the relevant information about the installation of the basic tools used for performing the Blockchain Application using Ethereum.

Getting Started with Fabric 8

Friday, 29 December 2017 by
This eBook covers introduction, feature and installation steps with detailed screen-shots of fabric8, which makes it easier for a beginner to configure and start fabric8 in a system. This book includes following topics : Fabric8 Introduction Fabric8 Features Prerequisites installation Fabric8 installation steps  

Chef Cookbooks Startup Guide

Tuesday, 26 December 2017 by
Chef is one of the most powerful automation platform, transforms infrastructure into code and automates how infrastructure is configured, deployed, and managed across network without worrying its size. Features 1. Flexible to write recipes 2. Easier Management  

ActiveMQ Startup Guide

Wednesday, 15 November 2017 by
This how to guide will assist you through : Control over Mule Administration Creating User and Accessing Roles to them Accessing Work Flow From MMC Understanding Application deployment using Mule Management Console Creating Clusters and Deploying Application over them Creating Alert and Email Alerts on Cluster/Server Specific behavior Learning Load Balancing Over Cluster/Server
This eBook covers all the topics with easy to understand practical illustrations which make it quite easier for the learners to understand the actual scenario and practice the tasks in the real-environments. With detailed screen-shots, it promotes learning and understanding in an incredible and efficient manner. Creation of service builder and Spring MVC Portlet Creation

Custom Model Type In Alfresco

Monday, 13 November 2017 by
This will guide you through : Create customModel.xml Create web-client-config-custom.xml Configure Deploy On Server Modify share-config-custom.xml Modify Deploy On Server
In This Ebook You Will Learn : Create Hook project in Eclipse. Override portlet page in hook project. Create custom class according to modified page. Register custom class and deploy.
This will guide you through : Creating a object and transferring it from Mule Studio Using Amazon – Access key and Secret Key Setting up Amazon S3 properties Resolving integration complexity between Amazon and MuleSteps to Get Amazon S3 Component in Mule ESB
Brief Description: This document will help you to configure your CommuniGate Pro Mail server with Alfresco.By this configurations you will be able to send and recevice an E-mail from both the sides. Prerequisite: Basic Alfresco Installation(here we have 4.2.f). Basic Alfresco Configuration. CommuniGate Server Installation(here we have 6.1). Basic CommuniGate Server Configuration.

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