Mail Configuration In Alfresco And CGProMail Server

Friday,10 November 2017 BY Attune World Wide

Brief Description: This document will help you to configure your CommuniGate Pro Mail server with Alfresco.By this configurations you will be able to send and recevice an E-mail from both the sides. Prerequisite: Basic Alfresco Installation(here we have 4.2.f). Basic Alfresco Configuration. CommuniGate Server Installation(here we have 6.1). Basic CommuniGate Server Configuration.


Liferay(6.2) Theme With Multi level Child Menu

Thursday,09 November 2017 BY Attune World Wide

Whenever we will create Liferay theme then we want to show some contents as navigation items. The navigation use to shows a menu of pages to navigate to them. In liferay theme, we have need to add multi level child menu to apply with liferay classic theme. Its configuration UI allows selecting different combinations of […]


Inter Portlet Communication In Liferay

Wednesday,08 November 2017 BY Attune World Wide

How we can communicate between portlets in liferay and this will guide you to create simple Liferay Application using different Inter Portlet Communication Techniques . IPC Using Session Sharing Object IPC using Render Parameter IPC using Event


Getting Started with RabbitMQ

Tuesday,07 November 2017 BY Attune World Wide

Overview Of RabbitMQ How to Install RabbitMQ on your System How to install Service and Maange Service How to Install Management Pugling Working With Queue in RabbitMQ


Getting started with mongodb

Monday,06 November 2017 BY Attune World Wide

MongoDb Introduction MongoDb Installation NoSQL Concepte of mongodb SQL terminology and concepts Indexing Concepts of mongodb


Getting Started with HBase

Sunday,05 November 2017 BY Attune World Wide

This will guide you how to Getting Started with Apache HBase Command Line Tools on Ubuntu and Windows. Introduction to HBase And Hadoop. How to installation Apache HBase? How to create Table by command prompt? How to create Habse Table within Eclipse?


Getting Started With JBoss ESB

Saturday,04 November 2017 BY Attune World Wide

JBoss ESB is an open source Enterprise Service Bus. We can integrate new and legacy system. It is robust SOA architecture. In JBoss ESB list of action classes that process an ESB message in sequential manner. It uses message driven pattern. Clients send message to the service and service interface is responsible for receiving the […]


Getting Started with Liferay Alloy UI

Friday,03 November 2017 BY Attune World Wide

This will guide you through : Installation of Alloy UI in Any Web Application Sample Web Application with Alloy UI How to use Alloy UI with Liferay Sample Alloy UI Portlet in Liferay Components of Alloy UI


Getting started with JBPM

Thursday,02 November 2017 BY Attune World Wide

This will guide you through : Quick tour of Jbpm v6.0 beta2 Installation of Jbpm Develop your fist application Understanding Jbpm console Example using Jbpm console New features for Jbpm v6.0 Also know about other popular BPM Vendor.  


Spring Framework Introduction

Monday,09 October 2017 BY Attune World Wide

Spring is a lightweight framework. It can be said as framework of frameworks, as it has capability of working with many frameworks like Struts, Hibernate, EJB.Spring is a special framework, what makes it special is, where we can work all modules like front-end, backend etc. When compared to Hibernate (DB related) and Struts (Front End […]


Senna JS Example for SPA

Wednesday,05 July 2017 BY Attune World Wide

SennaJS, one of the popular and ever-growing Single Page Application (SPA) providing low-level APIs which allows to build modern web-based Applications. Features 1. Same content should be displayed every time we share and bookmark the link 2. Senna is equipped with the state retention for the complete recovery of the page 3. Completely Open-Source and […]


Changing Liferay 7 Email Template

Monday,19 June 2017 BY Attune World Wide

In Liferay 7/DXP, Email Templates are being configured and changed accordingly for the complete working of the Application. Features 1. Complete independent to create our own templates inbuilt with Email Configuration 2. Ease of changing the Email Templates for the Liferay Application 3. Liferay 7/DXP Email Templates are used for the Multiple Location in the […]