Activiti BPM Training


Duration: 4 Days

Activiti is a light-weight workflow and Business Process Management (BPM) Platform targeted at business people, developers and System Admins. Activiti improves the collaboration between business and IT.


Alfresco refers to the collection of the Information System generated for the complete Application making the Developers to work with the Content Management. ActivitiBPM Online Training helps you in improving the collaboration between business and IT. Business Process Models (BPM) is the terminology where the proper discipline dealing with Operation management specifically for the applications to work with Applications. Alfresco Activiti Online Training deals with the creation of Application using two open source technologies making the developers an ease to use the Alfresco Activiti Applications. Alfresco Activiti Online Training is best choice for people looking for open standards with fabulous Business Process Model with Alfresco. On the completion of Alfresco Activiti Online Training, the developers gains expertise in working with Alfresco and Activiti Based Applications


  • This training will address the business aspect of BPM as well as the technical aspects, how will BPM make your organization run more efficiently?
  • By Activiti BPM training user can  learn new open source workflow engine written in Java
  • Trainees will be able to implement business work flow for organization
  • It is useful to create end to end business process with its rock-solid business work flow engine
  • We can create work flow task with minimum effort, and also draw your business process using BPMN
  • It integrates perfectly with Spring, which is extremely lightweight and based on simple concepts
  • Gain knowledge of the advance features available with activiti
  • Undertand monitoring features available in activiti
  • Integrate Activiti with various other open source tools available
  • Perform User Management with Activiti
  • Make Activiti work as a seperate application


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