Alfresco 5 Training


Duration: 5 Days

Alfresco 5 Online Training deals with Enterprise Content Management System specifically on hybrid, on-premise, cloud and mobile platforms easily


Alfresco is Open-Source Enterprise Content Management System. Complete information regarding the management of the content within the enterprise in addition to it providing services for controlling the content. Alfresco 5 Online Training helps the developers to work with Document Management, perform collaboration and process automation can be easily synchronized to cloud and risk avoidance can be easily performed for the Alfresco Application. REST APIs and API Explorer are the key factor which makes the Alfresco Platforms to be used more frequently for the developers to work with Web Services for the Applications. Many of the tools configuration can be easily performed using the Administration Console developed especially for Alfresco Developer. Alfresco Share is the advanced concept that makes the Alfresco Development to advanced concept making the Application more secure and flexible


The main objective for this training is that the candidate will get the knowledge on Content Repository, web based UI providing File Systems for the Microsoft Windows and Unix-like Operating Systems.

Advantages of Alfresco 5 Training

  • Complete Enterprise Content Management System
  • Providing sounding architecture for sharing the Social Network functionalities.
  • Full Compatibility with Windows and Linux Operating Systems


Additional information

Day 1

1. Architecture and Technology

2. Architecture review

3. Start-up and connecting

4. The Alfresco Share architecture

5. Minimum configuration requirements

6. Alfresco Subsystems

7. Customization of Alfresco

8. Basic Customization

9. Advanced Customization

Day 2

1. Setting up the SDK in STS IDE

2. Users and Groups

3. Users

4. Groups

5. Authentication

6. Authentication / How does Alfresco allow multiple authentication modes for a website
and how it is used?

7. Roles

8. Security and Permissions

9. Authentication

10. Roles/Permission Groups

11. Managing permissions

12. Permissions

13. Repository Configuration

14. Understand how repo configuration is done

15. What types of things can be configured

16. Best practices

17. Troubleshooting

Day 3

1. Content Model Overview

2. Relationships, types, aspects, associations

3. Built in types and aspects

4. Deploying a content model

5. Creating Content Models

6. Types and properties

7. Deploying content models

8. Associations, aspects and constraints

9. User Interface Manifestation

10. Handling content with Actions, Behaviors, Transformers,Extractor

11. Alfresco API Development

12. Foundation services API


14. Web services API

15. Separating concerns using AOP

16. Extending the Alfresco Repository

17. Repository actions

18. Repository policies

19. Content transformers

20. Metadata extractors

21. Document/Records management

22. Creation of documents, workflows and deployment

23. Integration with MS-Office

24. OCR, scanning & indexing (Overview)

Day 4

1. Architecture and technology

2. Theme customization

3. Form management

4. Dashlet extension and development

5. Customization of UI Controls

6. Configuring UI controls

7. How to Change default User Interface (UI) control behavior

8. How to Change the list of aspects a user can select

9. Display of a new custom type

10. Change of label alignment

11. Content Search

12. Lucene search overview

13. Lucene APIs and search examples for WCM, DM & RM

Day 5

1. Introduction to Web scripts

2. Types of Web Scripts

3. Components of a Web Script

4. How Components Work Together

5. User Interface Web scripts

6. Web Scripts in Applications and Portals

7. Web Scripts in Action

8. Creating Web Scripts

9. Defining a Web script

10. Storing a web script

11. Registering a Web Script

12. Listing all Registered Web Scripts

13. Invoking a Web Script

14. Developing Java Backed web scripts


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