Angular 2 Training

Angular 2 is one of the JavaScript framework that has been specially developed for the Mobile Application and the Desktop Application.


Angular 2 is the second version AngularJS framework which is being used by many of the organizations across the globe. Angular2 deals with open-source front-end web application specifically using typescripts. Angular 2 Online Training includes  the information about the installation and creating simple example for Angular2 Application. The overall architecture for the Angular 2 Application is properly introduced in the Angular2 Training helping the developers to work with typescripts programming for the Angular Application. The concept of Data Binding and Meta Data usually makes the Angular 2 Application to responsive and flexible for the Angular2 Developers. In addition to it, many of the major components and controllers are easily created with the Angular 2 Application which in turn makes the Application Deployment to great success. Angular2 Online Training helps the developers to create responsive applications easily.

  • Advanced concept with reference to AngularJs
  • Developers can easily get involved by examining the various applications that has been developed using Angular 2.
  • Basic understanding of the typescript.
  • ES6 understanding for Angular.
  • Routing parameters for the End-to-End users
  • Various Form Builder along with the validation.
  • Particularly helpful for the developer who have very basic knowledge on AngularJs and as such he can Speed up his task in Angular 2.


  • Mobile Application and Desktop Applications can be made very smoothly and with very good performance.
  • Simple to code and easy to learn the framework.
  • Typescripts plays a major role in this framework which is the advanced concept as compared to AngularJs.

Additional information

Course Content

1. Introduction to Angular 2

2. Installation of Angular 2

3. Simple Example of Angular 2

4. Basic Architecture

5. Modules, Components and Templates

6. Concept of Metadata

7. Concept of Data Binding

8. Concept of Data Display

9. User Input with the help of binding

10. How to create Services in Angular 2?

11. How to create Directives in Angular 2?

12. Concept of Dependency Injection in Angular 2

13. Making one Application on Angular 2


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