Angular 4 Training

Angular 4 Training helps the developers to gain expertise in creating and building Mobile and Web Application in real time.


Angular 4 Training specifically deals with the developers showing their keen interest in development using Angular Framework. Angular 4 specifies the Mobile as well as Web Development using Javascript, HTML and Typescripts. Angular 4 Training generally helps the aspirants to gain expertise knowledge on creation of Step by Step Project using multiple functionalities of the Application created. Complete Understanding of Components, DOM Elements, Dependency Injections, Inbuilt Directives and many more functionalities. On the completion of Angular 4 Training, the developers will grab the expertise in creating Angular Application with ease.

  • Basic Understanding of JavaScript and Angular Versions
  • Working with TypeScripts
  • Dealing with Components and DOM Interactions

Additional information

Course Content

-Basic Overview of Important Terminologies
-Basic Understanding on JavaScript MVC
-Introduction to the Concept of SPA (Single Page Application)
-Basic Introduction to NodeJS
-Understanding the Concept of NPM (Node Package Manager)
-Introduction to Typescript
-Dealing with the condition of using when and not Typescripts
-Understanding Simple Angular Hello World Demo

-Dealing with the Concept of Interacting with Components and DOM
-Understanding the Process of Working with Angular
-What are Components and Creation
-Understanding Working with Multiple components
-Working with DOM manipulation API

-Understanding the Concept of Components and Dependency Injections
-Dealing with the Strategies for Creating Component
-Understanding the Angular lifecycle hooks
-Basic Overview of Dependency Injection
-How to Share data between components

-Working with Routes, Inbuilt Directives and Pipes
-Introduction to the Concept of Angular Modules
-Understanding the Concept of Routes
-Dealing with Inbuilt Directive
-Using Inbuilt Pipes for Application

-Basic Understanding on Custom Directives and Pipes
-Introduction to Custom Directives
-How to use Custom Directives
-Introduction to Custom Pipes
-How to use Custom Pipes
-Understanding the Concept of HTTP Request

-Working with the Integration of Third-Party Library
-Third party library integration
-Basic Overview of SystemJS/CommonJS
-JQuery / Integration Scenario
-What is i18n and l10n

-Performing Unit Testing and Angular-CLI
-Introducing Unit Testing
-Working with other related Tools
-What is TDD
-Basic Overview of Jasmine Framework
-How to work with Jasmine Framework
-Working with Angular CLI
-Introduction to Unit Test Environment
-How to Set up using Angular CLI
-Working with Other Tools


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