Angular 6 Training

Angular 6 Training deals with the latest version of Angular Framework specifically for the Mobile and Web Application.


Angular 6 Training involves the complete understanding of the latest version of Angular Framework. Angular 6 Training includes the information of all the versions of Angular with their respective features in detail. Angular 6 Training primarily focuses on ES6 Typescript along with the language features developed by the developers. In addition to it, Form creation with the complete CRUD Operation is being included in Angular 6 Training helping the developers to deal with the advanced functionalities of Angular Application. On the completion of Angular 6 Training, the developers gains expertise in creating and building Angular 6 Application in real time scenario.

  • Basic Understanding of Angular 6 Framework
  • Working with ES6 TypeScript and its features
  • Creating and Building Angular 6 Application

Additional information

Course Content

-Basic Understanding of the Core Functionalities of all Angular Versions
-Introduction to Angular 6
-Understanding the Features of Angular 6
-Code using new ES6 and TypeScript language features
-Introduction to ES6 Typescript
-Understanding the Features of Typescript Language
-Dealing with the Architecture of Angular 6 Application
-Application Creation using Angular 6
-How to Explore Angular Coding
-Understand and use Angular Forms
-Basic Understanding on Observables
-Introduction to Dependency Injection
-Working with Routing Concept
-How to Retrieve, update, and delete data using Angular’s Http service
-Introduction to Unit Testing in Angular 6 Application
-Working with Modules
-Using Components
-Using Services and Pipes
-Basic Understanding on Angular CLI
-How to Create, build, and deploy an Angular 6 application using the Angular CLI
-Understanding Development of reusable elements using angular elements
-Understanding Development of dynamic model-driven forms that are easier to unit test


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