Apache Chemistry (CMIS) Training


Duration: 3 Days


Apache Chemistry Training primarily deals with the developers intending to work with the Apache Software providing Open Source Content Management Services for the Application Development. Apache Chemistry (CMIS) training includes the basic information for the dealing with Java, PHP and also .Net based technologies. The training involves the understanding of CMIS Domain model which helps the aspirants to work with any of the defined application. In addition to it, the practical implementation of the Java based Application is being developed making the aspirants to work with the latest features of Apache Chemistry arising in real market.

  • Understanding the Apache based foundation framework
  • Dealing with CMIS Domain Model
  • Performing practical implementation based on Java Application

Additional information

Course Content

1. Introducing CMIS
-Basic Overview of Apache Chemistry (CMIS)
-Understanding the features of CMIS
2.Understanding the basic details on CMIS Domain Model
3.Working with CMIS objects
4.Dealing with Basic Types & Properties – Metadata
5.Concept of Setting up CMIS
6.Query Functionalities in CMIS
7.CMIS Binding
8. Securing CMIS detail
9. Practical Implementation of JAVA Web Application with CMIS
10. Integrating Alfresco as an external repository using CMIS
11. Using CMIS REST with Jquery to retrieve documents from alfresco.


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