Automation Anywhere Training


Duration: 4 Days


Automation Anywhere Training specifically deals with Robotic Process Automation (RPA). The Automation Anywhere Training primarily focuses on working with specific product and also including Automation Anywhere Enterprise. The training includes the basic enterprise basically looking for software bots completing Business Processes. Automation Anywhere Training specifically helps the developers to gain expertise in creating and managing Natural Language Processing with an ease.

  • Gaining expertise in Excel Automation
  • Working with advanced features of Automation Anywhere
  • Understanding the concept of Bots and Meta Bots

Additional information

Course Content

1 Basic Overview of Automation Anywhere

2. Introduction to Web CR and AA Client
-Understanding Server Management
-Understanding AA Features
-Types of Recorder

3. Dealing with Task Bot and Recorder
– Introduction to Screen/Web/Smart Recorder
-Working with Variables
– Working with Properties
-Using Schedules
-Using Triggers

4. Creating first Bot

5. Introduction to Excel Automation
A. Working with Excel Commands
-How to Open
-Performing Manipulation
-Closing Spreadsheet
-How to create Macro and Run them

6. Working with Database Commands
-How to connect to DB
-Using Credential Manager
-Execution of DDL and DML Queries
-Run SPs

7. Additional Features of Automation Anywhere
-Working with Files and Folders
-Working with String Ops
-Dealing with Email Automation
-Log Viewer
-Using Exceptional Handling
-Recover and Resume

8. Advanced Functionalities
-PDF Integration
-Terminal Emulator
-XML and Web Service

9. Introducing Metabots
-Concept and How to reuse
-How to Pass Parameters
-How to work with DLL

10. Working with Business Decision
-Concept and Working
-Variable Handling


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