Backbone.js Training

In this Backbone.js Training, you will learn how to write clean, maintainable, well structured and testable javascript.


Backbone.js is a javascript library allowing user to develop client side applications. The MVC framework in Backbone.js abstracts data into models and Document Object Model into views. Backbone.js is better to use for good design with less coding and functionality. Because in Backbone.js, code is well organised and structured which helps in developing application. Communication in Backbone.js is done via events, as a result clearer and well maintained code generated. Models, Views, Events, Routers, Collections are the various blocks of Backbone.js, helps in developing application in much easier way. Backbone.js contains more than 100 extensions and free to use. The name itself says backbone, means it works as a backbone for your project.  On completion of the Backbone.js training, developers can easily create web applications and mobile applications in a well structured format.


  • Backbone delivers a nominal set of data-structuring.
  • There is no performance disadvantage to using Backbone to structure your application.


  • Data bindings Supports manual events or a separate Key-value observing library.
  • Backbone models store data for an App and also the logic.

Target Audience

  • Front-end Developers
  • Web Developers


  • Understanding of CSS / HTML concept.

Additional information

Course Content

1. Overview on Backbone.js

– Framework
– Components

2. Fundamentals of Backbone

– Facts

3. Basics of Backbone

– Modules
– Views
– Collections
– Events
– Routers
– Dependency

4. Extensions of Backbone

– MarionetteJS
– Thorax

5. Modular Development

– RequireJS

6. Requests & Collections of Paginating Backbone.js

7. Unit Testing

8. QUnit


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