Blue Prism Training


Duration: 4 Days


Blue Prism Training primarily deals with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and its trading name for Blue Prism Group. Blue Prism Training includes the RPA Softwares for elimination of Low Return, High-Risks, Manual Data Entry and Processing Work. Blue Prism Training specifies the information about the installation, working with Process Studio and also the complete Process of the Control Rool is included for the developers intending to work with RPA Softwares.

  • Gain expertise in working with Blue Prism Software
  • Working with Process Studio
  • Dealing with Control Room

Additional information

Course Content

Basic Overview of Blue Prism

Process Studio
-How to create process
-How to use Objects
-Various Process and its Usage

Process Flow
– How to do branching of action’s Process Flow based on the value
– Decisions, Circular Paths, Controlling Play, Set next Stage, Breakpoints, Collections and loops, Layers of Logi, Pages for Organization

Inputs & Outputs
– Creating Blue Prism Inputs and Outputs
-Input Parameters, Stepping and Pages, Data Item Visibility, Data Types, Output Parameters, Start-up Parameters, Control room, Process Outputs

Business Objects & Object Studio
– understand working of business objects
– Object Studio, Business Objects, Action Stage, Inputs and Outputs, The Process Layer
– create BO & its following paths
– Creating a Business Object, Application Modeler, Spying Elements, Attributes, Attribute Selection, Launch, Wait, Timeouts, Terminate, Write, Press, Attach and Detach, Read, Actions, Action Inputs and Outputs, Data Items as Inputs

Case Management
– manage queue items & configure them how to use filters for reports
– Queue Items, Work Queue Configuration, Defer, Attempts, Pause and Resume, Filters, Reports

Error Management
– handling different types of errors and their management
– Concept of Exception Handling, Current Exception, Previous Exception, Exception Blocks and Bubbling
– Recover And Resume, Throwing Exceptions, Preserving the Current Exception,Exception Bubbling, Exception Blocks, Exception handling in practice


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