Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery Training

The training is quite helpful for combination of teaching and lab movement. The trainee can easily design and implement the best practices as taken up during the training


Duration: 2 Days

Course fee:$1,199.00 (₹0)

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Product Description

Continuous Delivery often deals with the many of the leading organizations working on any of the platform to get the accurate status of the Application. Continuous Delivery Technology is used by many of the leading companies across the world as it helps the developers to work with any Applications running on any platform. Continuous Delivery Corporate Training includes the basic information for the Continuous Delivery and also performing some installation of various Continuous Delivery tools making the application more reliable. Many of the version control system with Git repository is properly maintained with the help of Continuous Delivery Corporate Training  which helps the developers to work with Continuous Integration for Jenkins supportive Applications. On the completion of Continuous Delivery Corporate Training, the developers can gain expertise in working with Application status for any platforms easily


  • This two day Continuous Delivery Training is a combination of teaching and lab movements. It’s ultimate for Developers or System Admins who want to know how to design, implement and script a complete Continuous Delivery workflow.
  • In this training, you will learn how to do an effective Continuous Integration with build environment, as well as various important actions of the operation, using Jenkins.
  • Participants will come apart after this training with a solid understanding of how to employ a Continuous Delivery environment in their infrastructure.
  • After training, one will be able to set up a proficient Continuous Integration server, automated builds, tests, code quality reports, and auto deployment.

Additional Information

Day 1

1. Introducing Continuous Delivery

2. Problems of software delivery

3. Getting Started with CI

4. Version Control using GIT

5. CI Using Jenkins

6. Configuration Management

7. Build & Deployment strategies

8. Implementing Testing

9. CI notification strategies & Techniques

Day 2

1. Advanced Builds

2. Continuous Inspection / Audit

3. Automated Deployment & Release Strategies

4. Automated Acceptance testing

5. Testing Nonfunctional Requirement

6. Code Quality

7. Behaviour-Driven Development using Cucumber, RSpec

8. Managing Data

9. Automate Configuration Management using Puppet

10. Best Practices


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