Ext JS Training

ExtJS Online Training is quite useful for mobile application developers and integrators engaged in deploying and managing java applications.


ExtJS specifies Javascript framework for building interactive cross platforms web Applications using AJAX, DHTML and DOM Scriptings. ExtJS Online Training primarily deals with the basic introduction for ExtJS and performing installation of  ExtJS onto system. Many of the developers across the organization are working on the ExtJS specifically making the Application secure and flexible. ExtJS Application helps in the creation of the layout structure that has been defined with the containers and making the application more redundant and flexible. ExtJS Online Training helps the developers to work with the various data stores and working of the data for the complete application. In addition to it, ExtJS Online Training specifically deals with the concept for accessing remote data for the applications and also the concept for Grid Panel is introduced in the ExtJS Training which makes the ExtJS developers to deal with the Application easily on large scale platforms.


  • To provide 2-Day training with brief explanation for interface development challenges and access to client-side scripting
  • Help professionals by making requests for Ajax to reclaim great content from the server
  • To offer in-depth coverage of the Ext JS 4.2 framework with its UI components along with the Charting features
  • Make professionals aware of the Ext JS 4 Data Model, Forms, Layouts and Theming features

Advantages of EXT JS

  • Helps in Creation of web project using DHTML, Ajax and HTML5
  • Offers full support for generating Compressed JavaScript & CSS
  • Easy Introduction with Containers and its Layout Systems
  • Can automatically generate getters and setters with the config property
  • Easily work with Drawing, Panel, Grid Panel, & Charting with Drop and Drag
  • Introduction with the EXT JS Architecture and various other EXT JS Components

Additional information

Day 1

1. Preface to Ext JS

2. Basics of EXT JS and its components

3. Layout System with Containers

4. Data Store with Working Data

5. Works with Forms, Toolbars & Buttons

6. Accessing Remote Data

Day 2

1. Grid Panel

2. Drag & Drop

3. Tree Panel

4. Feel & Look

5. Drawing & Charting


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