Knockout JS Training

Knockout.js Training provides you the knowledge of creating interactive and responsive user interfaces in a simple, easy and clean way.


Knockout.js is the most advanced and latest JavaScript Framework for building responsive and effective user interfaces. Knockout.js is used to create rich, responsive and interacting applications. Knockout.js is framework independent and gives easy and clean method to handle complex interfaces. The main thing is Knockout.js is open source and free to use. Knockout.js provides some helpful features like Declarative Binding – Made UI responsive using this feature, Automatic UI Refresh – If you make any changes to view model data are reflected in the UI automatically without writing extra code, Dependency Tracking – Track the data which has been done in Knockout attribute, Templating – For creating complex UI structures in a simple and easy way, Extensible – Extends custom behaviour easily. It is a client side library based on MVVM (Model View ViewModel) architecture. So basically if you want to learn the Knockout.js properly, you should know about MVVM first.


  • Data Binding Methods.
  • Custom Bindings Creation.
  • Debugging Methods.

Target Audience

  • Developers
  • Designers


  • Knowledge of JavaScript.

Additional information

Day 1

1. Basic Overview of KnockoutJS

– Understanding MVVM Design Pattern
– Working with Observer Design Pattern
– Javascript Closures and Module Pattern

2. Using Data in Knockout.JS

– Model, Views and ViewModels Creation concept in detail
– Displaying Model Data in View
– Working with Data Binding HTML Attributes

3. Dealing with Two-Way Data-Binding in KnockoutJS

– Model Updation from View and Vice Versa
– Understanding Data Binding Form Fields
– Using Data Bindings with Controlling Form Fields

4. Introduction to Context in Knockout.JS

– Dealing with different types of Context
– Understanding the concept of Template Bindings
– Working with Multiple and Nesting ViewModels

5. Working with Computed Observables and Subscriptions

– Creation of Computed and Pure Computed Observables
– Observable Subscriptions

6. Using Custom Bindings, Custom Functions and Extenders

Day 2

1. Creation of Templates in Knockout

2. Working with Custom Bindings and Components

3. KnockoutJS Events Management Concept in detail

4. Data Management from the Server

5. Understanding the Concept of RequireJS

6. Working with Durandal – KnockoutJS Framework

7. Using Durandal for Web Application

Day 3

1. Creation of To-do List Application

2. Example demonstrating Online Customer Registration Form

3. Validation Concept in Customer Form

4. Creation of Customer Banking Portal

5. Enhancing the Customer Banking Portal

6. Securing the Banking Portal

7. Working with some CRUD Operations


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