Meteor.js Training

Meteor or MeteorJs is free and open-source JavaScript web Framework which is the perfect environment for beginners to build websites or Mobile Applications.


Meteor, one of the leading JavaScript which is completely Open Source and Web framework for creating the Applications easily using NodeJS. MeteorJS Online Training primarily deals with the basic introduction about the MeteorJS and performing some of the basic configuration used for the Application. The complete Architecture used for the Meteor is included in the MeteorJS Online Training helping the developers to work with the complete infrastructure used for Application. Forms and Events Generation is the advanced concept that makes the MeteorJS Application to be used for performing some Javascripts related tasks easily. On the completion of MeteorJS Online Training, the aspirants or developers can easily created Application using Meteor including HTTP, Emails and Asset Configurations in the MeteorJS Application

  • Beginners and Developers can easily get basic idea about this JavaScript framework.
  • Developers can easily make the Applications or websites along with the desired packages that wrap-up with JavaScript.
  • This JavaScript will be one step further for the developers who have basic and clear understanding of HTML and CSS Skills.
  • Simple to code and easy to collaborate.


  • One of the best JavaScript Framework with user-friendly applications
  • Ease of integration with all the devices.
  • Better performance in both the websites and mobile applications.
  • Integration with various technologies is a key role of this JavaScript.

Additional information

Day 1

1. Introduction to Meteor JavaScript

2. Installation of Meteor

3. Basic Architecture

4. First Example of Meteor

5. Creating a Template and Collections

6. Working with Forms and Events

7. Sessions and Trackers in Meteor

8. Introduction to Packages

Day 2

1. Basic Core API details

2. Working with HTTP, Email, Assets

3. Database Creation in Meteor

4. Sorting the Data and Creating Account

5. Creating Packages in Meteor

6. Deployment Concept


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